Storm Damage Photo Gallery

exposed floors mid restoration

Storms Create Need for Restoration

After flooding was caused by a storm, our SERVPRO of Louisa, Orange & Madison County team members were called to restore this families property. Taking care of damages in a quick manner is important so that more severe damage does not occur. 

equipment cleaning up water and storm damage

Storms Cause Lasting Damages

Winter Weather Storms Have the Capabilities to Do A Lot of Harm

Winter weather damages can cause extreme consequences. This home in the Charlottesville, Virginia area was one that needed some extensive equipment and training to restore. 

ceiling damage in kitchen

Ice Dam from Winter Storm

Winter Storm causes Damage to Ceiling 

After a winter storm blew through Madison County, Virginia this home experienced ice damming on their roof. When the ice damming became water damage it caused the roof to collapse. 

moisture meter

Moisture Meter After a Heavy Storm

Water Damage Caused by Storms

Moisture meters as seen pictured here are used during water damage restoration work. After a heavy thunderstorm hit Orange, Virginia our crew was onsite with all necessary equipment to detect moisture and damage and begin our restoration work.  

floor mid renovation with air mover

Storms Create Water Damage

When a storm strikes Louisa, Virginia there is always the chance of property damage. Whether heavy rain or thunderstorms, leaks can infiltrate your home. Along with leaks, fallen trees can also be a hinderance while dealing with water damage. 

living room floors are gone while air movers attempt to dry the space

Air Movers Assist with Storm Damage

This photo shows our professionals utilizing our extensive equipment in the during stages of a restoration job. We have all the equipment needed if your property experiences damage. These air movers helped to dry this living room after storm damage