Fire Damage Photo Gallery

fire place

Embers Cause Damages

After this beautiful home was damaged from embers from this fire place, our team at SERVPRO of Louisa, Orange & Madison Counties were prepared to restore. This picture shows mid-restoration while we got this home back to "Like it never even happened."

fireplace mid restoration with paper on walls

Fireplaces Can Cause Damage

Fire Damage in Louisa, Virginia

While fireplaces can be beautiful additions to your home, they also have the possibility to cause fire damage. This photo shows a fireplace after damage and mid restoration in a Louisa, Virginia home. 

air movers

Fire Clean Up

After a minor fire was put out by extinguishers, this Locust Hill, VA home experienced water damage. While fire damage itself can leave lasting effects, sometimes the efforts to put out the fire can cause damage as well. 

kitchen equipment

Kitchen Fires are Very Common

Fires caused by kitchen appliances are very common. When this home had their oven cause a fire, we were able to restore their home as seen here. We strive to restore every job back to "Like it never even happened."

fire place

Pre Restoration after Fire

Fire damage is one of the most intensive aspects of our restoration work. There are many homes in Madison County, Virginia that have fire places. When fires get out of control, professionals are needed for their equipment and their expertise. 

fire place mid restoration

Fire Damage in Madison County

SERVPRO of Louisa, Orange & Madison County Restores

Fire damage to this Madison County, Virginia home was extensive. After a fire grew out of hand, professionals were called to control it. When the fire was put out, our team began our fire restoration process.