Recent Before & After Photos

Ice Dams Create Problems for Family

When winter weather strikes our community our commitment is to cleaning up the debris as quickly as possible. Snow and ice can create dangerous problems for str... READ MORE

Living Room Intact After House Fire

After this home experienced fire damages the family needed help with smoke and soot removal fast. It is an incredibly stressful occurrence to have your home be ... READ MORE

Chimney Creates Damages in Home

This Charlottesville, Virginia home was damaged after this fireplace got out of control. The homeowner was thankfully quick to act and the damages were mostly s... READ MORE

Hotel Has Immense Damages

After this hotel was deeply damaged by flooding many floor were affected. SERVPRO of Louisa, Orange & Madison Counties not only responded quickly but we beg... READ MORE

Local Bank Experiences Water Damages

This local bank was hit hard with water damages. As you can see in these before and after photos, the floor and carpet were the most affected. At SERVPRO of Lou... READ MORE

Utility Closest Affected by Water Damages

Water Damages Ruin Utility Closet! This home experienced water damages as seen in these before and after pictures. When they wandered into this utility closet a... READ MORE

We Want to Get You Back Into Your Home

SERVPRO of Louisa, Orange & Madison Counties Care About Our Community! SERVPRO of Louisa, Orange & Madison Counties main priority is to get you and your... READ MORE

Ice Dam Creates Extensive Damages

Weather Damages in Orange, Virginia! Winter weather causes not only colder weather but also the possibility for ice and snow damages. When this home experienced... READ MORE

Ruin Rocks Garage!

Pipe Burst Water Damages are the Worst! A pipe burst was a disaster for this Charlottesville, Virginia family. When they were awoken to the noises and repercuss... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Louisa, Orange & Madison Counties is Here for You and Your Family!

SERVPRO of Louisa, Orange & Madison Counties is prepared to restore your home! A local family came home to extensive water damages in their kitchen! We were... READ MORE